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Re: Dual head in F9 on KDE spin

On 07/04/2008, Paul Michael Reilly <pmr pajato com> wrote:
> I'd love nothing more than to attest that F9-Beta KDE spin works perfectly
> on both my external monitors using the nv driver for an nVidia Quatro
> something (my hp nw9440 laptop uses a G71 as near as I can tell), ... but I
> cannot. :-(

If I recall correctly (somebody correct me if I'm wrong!), KDE4's
support for randr 1.2 is not complete at the moment. It certainly
doesn't do anything good with clone mode -- you end up with two
overlapping copies of your desktop. I think I did get close to having
it work with side-by-side displays (Intel graphics), but it took some
trial-and-error. I should try again more systematically.


Mary Ellen Foster  --  http://homepages.inf.ed.ac.uk/mef/
Informatik 6: Robotics and Embedded Systems, Technische Universität München
and ICCS, School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh

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