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Re: bugzilla triage madness :-/

* Andrew Farris [08/04/2008 14:29] :
> Well, we disagree on what constitutes 'interest'.  I don't think creating a 
> bugzilla account and logging in quite gets there.

This is actually a huge hurdle (the main issue seems to be that Bugzilla
requires your email address to go in a database, something most users are
wary of) and I'm not sure belittling the act is the best thing to do.


> Common sense dictates more information will get better results.

Remind me to stuff the contents of Wikipedia in my next bug report.

I'm not even sure that more info will actually wield better results.
We've already heard several maintainers complaining about bug/comment
overload and I'm certain that those maintainers that don't touch their
bugs at all are in the same boat.

> I think you sell the general bug reporter short here.  Often they may not 
> know how to collect the information thats needed, but if they want to get 
> it collected they will ask what is needed and respond to the bug comments, 
> and learn in the process.

We've already been through all this. This leads to bug maintainers making
the same comments over and over again which they tire of, sooner or later.

> If they vent/complain about how broken the software is, with a half-hearted 
> bug report, or just post some complaints to a mailing list and then decide 
> to change projects or use a different app (omg gnome is broken I'll change 
> to kde forever, etc), then the reporter is not beneficial and maybe its 
> best for them to go ahead and change projects?

It's probably best for the reporter but not for the project. They lose
a user, a bug reporter, someone who has the potentiel to contribute
documentation, a translation or code. And $ENTITY help them if the next
bug the user would have reported had revealed a security hole in their


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