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Re: bugzilla triage madness :-/

Jon Stanley wrote:

 The story here is somewhat one-sided.  Are there any equivalent thoughts on
the number of users experiencing the results of these bugs, the total
man-hours wasted by them on the user side,  or what their response to them
should be?

Sure there are.  Out of 11,905 bugs right now, there are 3775
reporters.  That averages out to about 3 per reporter.  Of those 3775
reporters, 2408 have reported only one bug.  Assume that all of them
got our mail (we actually operated on around 3700 bugs), and it take
10 minutes to act on.  Therefore, for 2408 people, we've requested 10
minutes of their time, or 401 man-hours.  For the remaining 1367
reporters, I've requested 683 man-hours.

Are those the numbers you were looking for?

No, I wasn't asking about reporters - I mean all the people affected by the unfixed bugs in release versions. That includes the ones who don't know about bugzilla, the ones who have tried it and given up, as well as those you've managed to count.

The numbers pale in
comparison to the other numbers that I've posted, and these numbers
are quite wrong.  The numbers that I've presented here are based on
the fact that we've asked for action on every bug, whereas in
actuality, we've asked for action on 31% of that.  It also assumes 3
per reporter, EVEN AFTER we've subtracted 2408 reports since they were
reported by folks who only reported one bug, again, a flawed
assumption, but quite liberal.

If you are talking about rawhide, mapping bugs to reporters makes some sense since people running rawhide should realize they are testers and expect to report the bugs - and they shouldn't bother innocent bystanders. If you are talking about too many bugs to manage in released fedora versions, I think that points to a problem in the release process.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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