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Re: Packages up for grabs

Jarod Wilson wrote :

> I've got a few packages I'm the sole maintainer on, but I simply don't use the package anymore or have much interest in continuing to maintain. Anyone interested in taking the following over?
> ganglia
> libconfuse
> rrdtool
> In all fairness, Matthias Saou used to own rrdtool before I took it over, so I'd like to offer that back to him first...
> Speaking of thias, he's a co-maintainer on a few of the remaining packages that came from the beryl bits, which I'd like to also step away from. Thias, if you want primary maintainership, they're yours. Others interested, speak up:
> aquamarine
> emerald
> emerald-themes

As much as I'd like to help, I've been swamped with work for the past
months, so it would really be best if someone else picked them up.

But thanks for taking the time to ping me ;-)


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