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where should test-suites be packaged, and ...

For instance, the upstream frysk project, as part its install, includes tests that run against the installed package. We're bundling that as part of the frysk's rpm suite. This, for me, brings up two questions:

- where should test-suites be packaged

Hiding them in frysk-devel is probably not a good idea :-); but making them available as packages (but perhaps not part of a distro), so that we have the ability easily install and run them as part of an automated integration test process, I contend, is.

- how can we stop separate-debug-info destroying the test-suite RPM's contents

For instance, frysk's test-suite includes sys-rooted source and separate-debug-info tests; unfortunatly the RPM packaging process corrupts these by trying to make sys-rooted source and separate-debug-info rpms out of them ... :-) We'd like to avoid this :-), in effect, have a way to prevent all such post "make install" manipulation on certain files.

hints and resolution welcome,

Andrew (who hopes this hasn't been addressed already :-)

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