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Re: Help with a code snippet that fails in mock buildroots

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Lennart Poettering wrote:
> On Fri, 11.04.08 22:07, Deji Akingunola (dakingun gmail com) wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Can someone please explain (and possibly provide a solution) to me why
>> the code below is failing in mock buildroot. It is run to check if the
>> 'shm_open' function works when configuring latest mpich2 package, and
>> its result is used to create a definition that's used later when
>> compiling the package. The code runs fine (and the package builds fine
>> too) on my rawhide system.
>> Thanks.
> Is /dev/shm/ available in the chroot env? shm_open() is basically the
> same as open(), however, it prepends /dev/shm to the file name. If
> that dir is not writable (should be mounted as tmpfs) shm_open() fails,
> Lennart

It used to be there, but it may have gotten dropped in the massive code reshuffle
that mock went through in the past few months. The code to make the /dev/pts and
/dev/shm dirs is still there as well as the code to mount/umount these devices, but I
don't actually see them when I run a mock --shell.

I'll dig into it a bit more to see if we have a regression.

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