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Re: 200+ packages up for grabs

On Monday 14 April 2008, Hans de Goede wrote:
> Hi all,
> No I'm not leaving or anything like that. But keeping 200+ packages in top
> condition is taking quite a large chunk of time (duh). So I'm looking for
> fellow contributers who want to become the maintainer of a few (100 or so
> :) packages of mine to lighten my load.
> I'll stick around as co-maintainer for quite a few of them, others which
> I've only picked up to stop them from becoming orphaned, I probably will
> withdraw myself from completely.

Congratulations :)

Seriously, while I'm sure everyone appreciates the amount of work you do for 
Fedora a lot, I don't think having a single individual maintain anywhere near 
200 packages serves either any individual's or the project's interests.  I 
used to maintain easily over 100 in Fedora and elsewhere before coming to the 
same conclusion as you above.  It's better to know fewer packages really well 
than to maintain as many as one can, there's no urgent need to raise raw 
number of packages in Fedora just for the sake of having them in the repo.

I think everyone who has more than few tens of packages packages under his 
belt should seriously consider finding someone else to take care of the extra 
ones and possibly use the time freed by that to get to know the remaining 
packages better unless it's taken by something else.

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