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Re: python packaging, egg-info file vs. directory

Thomas Moschny wrote:
2008/4/15, Toshio Kuratomi <a badger gmail com>:
 Do you have a reason to need eggs on F7 and F8?

Not really. Just for completeness.

 If not, then the answer is simply to not provide eggs on F7 and F8. Note:
If you've already pushed out packages for F7 and F8 you'll need to wait
until the next upstream release to make this change.

They are only in f7/f8-updates-testing, so I could also make the
change now, I guess.

Nevertheless, I wonder why rpm can't replace an (unaltered) directory
with a file. A deinstall/install cycle would work without problems.

I believe, but someone else may correct me, that it's because of the way rpm handles the update transaction. It first lays the new files down on the filesystem then removes the old ones that have not been replaced. Since a file can't replace a directory at this level, rpm can't do it either. (To solve this, you'd have to handle the case where a directory isn't empty when rpm wants to replace it with a file... something that strikes me as non-trivial.)


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