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Re: monodevelop snafu

>>>>> "JK" == Jesse Keating  writes:


>> Did I misunderstand the earlier emails about Mono being fixed?

JK> Well, they were fixed to build with system libs and not bundle
JK> binary content.  I don't think too much effort was put into how
JK> they work after the build.  Mostly because going back to binary
JK> bundled libraries is a non option, so we have to move to where we
JK> are right now, and fix things from there.

With regard to my recent rebuilding of f-spot, I did check the builds
by downloading manually from koji: the new mono-addins and f-spot work
OK together, that is, f-spot can find the mono-addins just fine, so
things seem OK at runtime.

As for monodevelop, I didn't work on that particular package, so I
don't know if the new mono-addins had any indirect effects on
monodevelop (in theory it shouldn't).  You could always drop back to
the older mono-addins and see if that makes monodevelop work just to
narrow down the cause.  But yes, as Jesse said, we need to make things
move forward from here.


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