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Re: Mono Package audit

>>>>> "PG" == Peter Gordon  writes:

PG> [Forgive me if this has already been reported. I could not find a
PG> relevant entry for against the 'blam' component in Fedora's
PG> Bugzilla.]

PG> FYI, Blam currently includes binary DLLs, too:

PG> blam-1.8.3/lib/Atom.NET.dll blam-1.8.3/lib/RSS.NET.dll

PG> These have no corresponding source code in the Blam
PG> tree. Unfortunately, too, their respective upstream projects seem
PG> dead (last updated in 2004 and 2005, respectively). These will
PG> need to be built from the upstream sources if possible. (This was
PG> one reason that I orphaned it back in February.)

PG> CC-ing Alex on this, as Blam's current maintainer.  

I'm currently working on updating/fixing blam to 1.8.5/1.8.6 which
doesn't contain the Atom.NET.dll any more.  1.8.6 also dropped the
RSS.NET.dll, which means it will build entirely from source, see:


Currently the issue with rawhide is getting blam to build against
the newest xulrunner, see: 



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