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JTE - Jigdo Template Export - Faster Jigdo template generation

I just discovered this work where they are getting vastly faster jigdo 
template generation by combining that process with the mkisofs 
process.  Essentially, a modified mkisofs/genisoimage writes out both 
the .iso and the .template at the same time.

There are other tools as well, such as mkimage which is much faster at 
reconstructing the original .iso when all the files are already 
downloed (full local mirror), iso-image.pl which is a CGI script to 
present a reconstructed .iso on-the-fly to HTTP clients without 
requiring the .iso to be present on disk.

Here is some background info:


and the software itself:


I'm mentioning this here in case there is interest in moving toward 
this method for saving time when creating releases.  Then maybe there 
wouldn't be any need to delay when the jigdo templates are released 
vs. the bittorrent seed like we have with F9 Preview Release :-)

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