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Re: Sazanami and VLGothic fonts

Le vendredi 18 avril 2008 à 18:44 -0400, Warren Togami a écrit :
> I noticed the description of the VLGothic fonts package.
> "
> VLGothic provides Japanese TrueType fonts from the Vine Linux project.
> Most of the glyphs are taken from the M+ and Sazanami Gothic fonts,
> but some have also been improved by the project.
> "
> Does this mean that VLGothic is a superset of Sazanami?

> (Could these be considered redundant fonts taking up space 
> unnecessarily?  I'm guessing not, but just checking to be sure.)

VLGothic is the new japanese default. That means every other japanese
font could be dropped on a space-constrained media IMHO. If the other
variants have not been dropped from Fedora Everything they're probably
useful to someone.

Nicolas Mailhot

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