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Re: Fedora 9 and VMWare server - create a requires package ?

Dan Horák wrote:
Warren Togami píše v Pá 18. 04. 2008 v 19:39 -0400:
Alan wrote:
I tried to get VMWare Server running on Fedora 9.  Notices that it needs
to have the 32 bit version of libXtst installed.  This does not get
installed on x86_64.
would not "yum localinstall vmware.rpm" take it automagicaly?
No, because the vmware...rpm is not specific to fedora and hence does not contain proper requires for fedora. You need to add other packages to make it work and allow the kernel module compile.

As an aside, would it be possible to include in Fedora an 'requires' package for vmware, that causes all the required parts to be installed except vmware itself ?

That way it has no external requirements. It also doesn't do anything when installed other than ensure certain other libraries and tools are installed to help an external package work.

In the packaging guidelines, the most applicable part I found was:


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