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Fedora 9 Preview issues

I apologize if some of these have been mention previously but here are some issue I ran into with the F9 preview.

1) Shortly after using gnome nautilus crashed X after opening a browser window ( I had switched off spatial nautilus).  ctrl+alt_backspace was needed to exit.
2) GDM does not honor any settings changes in /etc/profile (is there another location?)
3) When using KDM, the first login works but if I logout KDM no longer accepts keyboard input.  Restarting the X server resolves this.
4)  Networkmanager and bridged networking.  I am trying to setup a Xen style bridge setup.  Network manager overrides this configuration, however disabling networkmanager at
    startup left me with no network.  A manual network restart resolves this.

I don't know if this is related but I am using the Beta Nvidia drivers with experimental xorg 1.4 support (does anyone know how to control the GPU fan without using the binary drivers?).

Mark Bidewell

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