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Re: Preview KDE Live Won't Start Desktop

Garry T. Williams wrote:
The KDE Live Preview CD won't start the desktop on my Dell Dimension
E520.  The system is completely unresponsive and the display is blank.
I can boot to init level 3, but staring X results in a complete

The CD boots up normally on my Vaio laptop.

How can I obtain diagnostic information?


The best info you can get is gathered from /var/log/Xorg.0.log after you try starting x, and from terminal output. Use startx from runlevel 3 to gather this:

startx &> startx-output.txt

Get the logs, and post them as well. You can also get the output of KDM when trying to start it manually from the terminal (it may be that X works fine, KDM doesn't).

Andrew Farris <lordmorgul gmail com> www.lordmorgul.net
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