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Re: Some experiences after installing/upgrading to F9 Beta

Joachim Backes wrote:
Please let me report my experiences when installing the F9 Beta preview:

0. The disk naming scheme has been changed: in my F8 box, I have a SATA disk called /dev/sda
   and an IDE disk called /dev/sdb; in F9, the names have been exchanged.

This is a property of the kernel as of sometime around f8 I believe. These names cannot be considered reliable. However you can address your disks by UUID instead of name now.

1. I copied my F8 (on my SATA disk) from /dev/sdb1 into partition /dev/sdb9, then upgraded F8
   on /dev/sdb9.
But after the upgrade was performed, I saw that F8 on /dev/sdb1 had been upgraded and not that
   F8 on /dev/sdb9, and all partitions were re-labelled with some UUIDs.

See previous comment for partial explanation

2. I copied the install iso to some partition and booted the installer with "askmethod". When prompted, I choosed "install from local harddrive" instead of "local DVD", but the
   installation still was done DVD based.
3. After booting the fresh installed F9, I waited for "firstboot", but the box hung,
   and firstboot could not be seen (the boot was done into initmode 5).
   As workaround i booted again in initmode 3, then the firstboot
   was presented.


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