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Re: What the status of the unwritten rule "install all device drivers by default"

On 24.04.2008 11:28, Lubomir Kundrak wrote:
On Thu, 2008-04-24 at 09:47 +0200, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
In the past we IIRC had unwritten rules like "disk space is cheap thus install all device drivers by default" and "enable all device drivers by default in the configs if that doesn't do any harm, as that way devices will 'just work' without any manual configuration by the user". Do we still follow those unwritten rules? I just installed a HP printer/scanner on a system with a fresh Fedora 9 preview install and had to manually install the libsane-hpaio package to make the scanner work. Is that intended behavior or would we consider this a bug?
I'm wondering whether we'll have some "hal - PackageKit - something"
magic to provide you with a nice notification bubble that suggest you
click a link to install the required package.

The idea was brought up multiple times in the past on this list IIRC, but often was shot down with "disk space is cheap; it's better to just install all drivers/packages by default and most people will be happy".

And I have to agree with this option -- (Open)Suse provides such a function in Yast, but it multiple times drove me mad in the past years when I had to look up the install-media (which of course often was not at hand and nowhere to be found) or get a internet connection running (which requires some work as well and sometimes is hard or impossible when you are traveling┬╣) when configuring a device for the first time.

Most drivers are part of the kernel or installed by default in any case -- thus I tend to say it's less work for everyone to just install the other drivers as well by default instead of working out a (complicated?) framework to install drivers on demand.


┬╣ -- okay, that's unlikely in the case of a scanner, but for network hardware it's a real problem

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