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Re: Adding /sbin and /usr/sbin to everyone's path in F10

max bianco wrote:
 If you want to control what people do, you don't give them the root
password.  But, the 'average' PC user is his own administrator, especially
for something like fedora which is way to high-maintenance for an
experienced administrator to choose to manage for everyone else, and he's
going to need to use the stuff whether it is hidden or not. The question is
whether you want to make it simple or make it confusing. You seem to want to
make it confusing just so everyone suffers as much as you did when learning
the arbitrary quirks of the distribution.

Not so they suffer, so they learn.

Learning how to fix the quirks of one or another particular distribution has a very limited value. If you want someone to learn, you need to make it easy to find the tools that work the same across unix-like systems so they will learn the things that are more broadly useful. Remember the whole books of crap about how to work around problems in dos/win3.1/95/98 etc.,etc.? You could have memorized them all and it would be worth nothing now. Learning where some program lives on some version of some fast-changing linux distribution is the same sort of knowledge. Not only will it be useless in the likely event that it changes in the near future, but there will be a point where it will be harmful that what you think you know is wrong.

> If the users are advanced they can
modify their profile to suit them,

Advanced users aren't the point when you create system defaults, but supplying a usable PATH won't hurt them either.

> i am concerned that a newbie, and
more and more are jumping on board, just like me, will inadvertently
screw himself because accessing more advanced commands was to easy and
did not come with a warning that an advanced user doesn't need ,
because instead of forcing them to learn the quirks,

You can't 'force' someone to learn anything, you can just make them resent whoever created the stupid quirks in the first place.

it was decided to
hell with him the inconvenience caused to the advanced user, who can
work around it but doesn't want to because he or she is too lazy, is
too great.

You are making a very good argument for that user to find a different distribution if you are doing things just to make him work harder.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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