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Re: Orphaning package

> > - fcron [1]
> I can take this one. I thought I was already in the package databese,
> but it seems not, so I did it. But I'd prefer to be co-maintainer.

You probably made the confusion because you helped me to introduced it in 
Fedora Extras by reviewing it.

> Also it should ceretainly be considered as a replacement for
> cronie+anacron, if I remember I will try to push it oncec again for F10.

It would be a good idea as it is a great tool.
I never tried to push it in "Fedora Core" because of my poor english, I never 
could have a long discussion to convince the Fedora team to accept it as a 
replacement of Vixie craon and anacron.
I hope you'll succeed

> > - tetex-euro-font
> I don't remember precisely, but isn't this in texlive?


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