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Re: New vegastrike for F-10: 500MB !! ??

On Sun, 2008-04-27 at 19:23 +1200, Nigel Jones wrote:
> I have no problem with it, BUT, (and I speak personally here), there are
> some people that will not use it because it's just too big (500MB is
> larger than some of the monthly data transfer caps in New Zealand
> (200MB/mo), I personally, only have 700MB/day.
> Also remember that even though it may produce a 500MB noarch rpm, it also
> means quite likely a 500MB srpm making it 1 gig in total.
> Another consideration would be the size of the community behind
> vegastrike, if we have 100+ then thats great, if it's only 10 then I
> become doubtful over it's usefulness in regards to resources.  (Don't get
> me wrong, just trying to put a slightly different perspective on it.)

500mb may seem big compared to what's in Fedora so far, but from the
perspective of the modern video game industry, it's on the small side.

Ever used Steam? "Digital content delivery" is the future for Windows
users and console gamers, but us open source people have been doing it
for *decades*. We pioneered it. Lets not start taking steps backward.

My "steamapps" directory on my Wintendo is currently totaling 15gb.
That's 15gb of potentially downloadable content. The last MMORPGs I
played were Ashron's Call and Anarchy Online back around 2001, and we
had to put up with monthly 100-200mb+ updates even back then. How big
are WoW updates?

Hell, Fedora updates seem to average in the range of 100-200mb per
*week*. Now multiply that by the 6 fedora machines in my apartment, and
500mb starts to look small. Assuming vegastrike refrains from updating
content every week... :)

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