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Re: More than one ssh key in FAS

Richard W.M. Jones wrote:
It's kind of annoying that the Fedora Accounts System only supports
one ssh key.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who has several keys (one
for my desktop, several amongst the different laptops I use).

And why does FAS seem to log me out after about 30 seconds?  (OK, I
exaggerate, but the timeout can't be longer than about 5 minutes).
There doesn't seem to be any configurable to make it keep me logged in
for a reasonable length of time.

Sorry, I'm moaning, I know, and I should just submit patches....


Regarding the timeout, try this (see man 5 ssh_config)

ServerAliveInterval = 15
ServerAliveCountMax = 3

I'm not sure about FAS, but from other usages, if should effectively disable the idle timeout, since the ssh client will send <activity> to the server every 15 seconds. The session will be terminated only if 3 of these in a row are not responed to (line is down or something).

Hope this helps.


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