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Re: Sponsor required

>>>>> "HdG" == Hans de Goede <j w r degoede hhs nl> writes:

HdG> Which is pointing out one very big sore point in Fedora after the
HdG> merge between core and extras, very little people seem to have
HdG> been appointed sponsor, certainly something where IMHO FESco is
HdG> dropping the ball.

Well, nothing prevents anyone from nominating themselves or someone
else; FESCo only needs to discuss and vote.  I don't recall any
nominations recently.

HdG> I would like to suggest to FESco to put talking about possible
HdG> sponsor candidates every meeting (in a closed fashion, openness
HdG> is good, but talking about people skills or lake thereof in
HdG> public is asking for trouble).

I always point out people who deserve to be made sponsors when I
notice them or when they are brought to my attention.  Some of that
was driven by the status reports which unfortunately haven't been
generated lately, and that's definitely an item for FESCo to consider
post haste.  I guess we could add a standing item to the schedule to
discuss new sponsor nominations; we used to have one and I'm not sure
where it went.  Unfortunately the community isn't stepping up with
nominations, and the discussion will be pretty short unless that

HdG> In the pre merger days, I believe that sponsors where voted upon
HdG> by the current sponsors, or atleast the list of current sponsors
HdG> was mailed for what they thought of someone who was up for
HdG> becoming a sponsor, I haven't seen any such mails in a long long
HdG> time!

FESCo generally runs sponsor nominations by the existing sponsors to
get additional input.  But again, nothing prevents any existing
community member (existing sponsors included!) from pointing out
someone who should be made a sponsor.  Honestly, I think this is
something the sponsors should really be doing, rather than FESCo.

Should any of the people you've sponsored be considered for sponsor

Here are three action items I propose for Thursday's FESCo meeting:

1) Investigate the status reports; try to get them run at least once a

2) Investigate ways to make it easier to figure out who a particular
   sponsor has sponsored; I need to periodically look over my "flock"
   but I've unfortunately lost track and it's no longer simple to
   recreate that data.

3) Get a general discussion item about sponsors on the agenda at least
   once per month.

 - J<

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