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Re: RFE: Anaconda automatic network install

Ahmed Kamal wrote:
Hi guys,
Every time I wanna install fedora from the netinst iso, I have to find
a fedora mirror, I have to find one that is close, fast. I also have
to browse through its directories and try to guess which path does
anaconda require (i.e. should I paste the path for the os or the i386
or iso ... etc folders). Of course I do get it running ultimately,
however, things could be much easier!

Suggested user experience:
- User boots netinst ISO
- Anaconda boots, queries some server for a "mirrorlist"
- Pings mirrors to locate a bunch of close mirrors
- Somehow (now idea how) gets the load of those mirrors and chooses a
lightly loaded mirror
- Presents the user a menu (text or GUI) of systems that can be
installed (F9 i386, F9 x86_64, F8 i386, rawhide ... etc)
- Once a choice is made, the system is installed with all the recent
updated rpms (from updates) (This functionality already exists,

Does any of this makes sense ?

Or even better it uses aria2c to download from a number of them simultaneously!

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