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Re: Package EVR problems in Fedora 2008-08-01

Jesse Keating writes:

On Fri, 2008-08-01 at 18:23 -0400, Sam Varshavchik wrote:
Normally, messages from <buildsys fedoraproject org> that I get are various build-related stuff just for my package, and I filter them in their own bucket. These new EVR validator messages also carry the same return address, but are not regarding my package. Does it make sense to use the same From: address for stuff that's not necessarily related to your packages?

Hrm, I'm using the same address to send individual messages to people as
well as the report message to the list.  There are a couple addresses we
have to use, one is rawhide@ and the other is buildsys    Sending from
rawhide@ didn't make much since to me since this covers more than just

Do you set the To: header for individual messages? If so, I'll just filter based on the To: header.

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