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Re: RFC: Firefox general.autoScroll to true

2008/8/2 Martin Sourada <martin sourada gmail com>:
> On Sat, 2008-08-02 at 20:02 +0200, Mark wrote:
>> First: Touchpad is for notebooks! fedora is used on notebooks, yes,
>> but also on other pc's that don't have a touchpad (and i bet that is
>> the majority).
> Aah, sorry, I got carried away :-D

thought so

>> Second: I was afraid it was gonna go this way.. i feel like a software
>> application that is made for multiple osses should work the __same__
>> on all those osses. I have no clue why firefox finds it "wise" to do
>> other default settings on windows then on linux or mac but it sounds
>> stupid to me. And because the firefox you download from windows is
>> from mozilla itself (not from the dirstibution which would be MS). So
>> there is the version of firefox with the true default settings from
>> mozilla and i aim to bet those settings the same on __all__
>> distributions!
> Most of the people use one OS/distribution. And they don't certainly
> want one app to behave totally different than another. It has much
> higher priority than inter-OS sameness. If you download firefox for
> linux from mozilla you'll get different firefox than if you download
> firefox from mozilla for windows. That's a good thing. Period.
> I use Gnome in Fedora and I want all applications I use to behave and
> look similar. It's not the highest priority for choosing an application,
> but how does that application looks/behave in other environment does not
> matter to me at all. And most people are like that, only they use
> different environment than me (KDE in Fedora, some DM in other distro,
> Mac OS X, Windows, ...).

all good (and off topic)

>> Third: This one annoys me most. We are talking about the click
>> function of the scrollwheel but some people don't seem to know what it
>> is or act stupid. Now this is a scrollwheel [1] and stick to it! No
>> more crap about the "middle mouse button".
>> So please go on topipc now and discuss the RFC i made here. It's clear
>> and understandable for everyone!
>> [1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scroll_wheel
> If it's click-able it's *also* a third button. And when clicked it
> should act like one. Period.
> The "open link present in clipboard on middle-click" seems to me like
> quite handy feature (unless you don't know about it) and in linux
> environment it's IMHO better suitable for the middle-click action than
> autoScroll.

Oke, here your losing me.
When you "click" the wheel it should indeed act like a button
(emulated) but now now imagine that you click your left mouse button
and then you get the "open link present in clipboard"... you can't
click anywhere because firefox will just open up new windows with that
link in the clipboard.. I don't find the feature usefull.. more like
useless and a extremely badly copied feature of opera (paste and go).
I can't imagine that some people find it usefull to have the wheel
click go to a page..

On Sat, Aug 2, 2008 at 9:27 PM, Josh Boyer <jwboyer gmail com> wrote:
> RFCs should be filed in bugzilla under the package the RFC is for.
> Posting it to a list like this is only going to generate a massive
> amount of flamage.
> josh

You clearly didn't read my first post at all.
I said:

I was planning on filing a bug report for this on bugzilla but it gave
me the message:  Bugzilla will be down until 19:00 EDT for
So no report (for now).

And right now it gives me a 503 error Service Temporarily Unavailable
And why is posting to a list like this wrong? This is where the devel
list is for.

Anyway.. to get back on the topic (again) i still think (even more
than when i started this) that firefox middle click behavior should be
the same in windows and linux. I will fill a bug report about this on
mozilla as well and hope that there replies are mature unlike (almost)
everyone here.

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