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Re: No response for bug reports

2008/8/2 Bruno Wolff III <bruno wolff to>:
>> Just be patient. :) It will be handled eventually.
> Why would you think that? I have had bugs open for very long times (several
> years) without being resolved. (Though in the worst case, the developers
> may not have access to the hardware that is having an issue.)

I haven't had to wait such a long time in the past. The point is not
the time it takes to fix the bug, but the time to response to the

> My recent frustration is with two Sabayon issues and the assignee hasn't
> even confirmed they can (or can't) replicate the problem after a couple
> of weeks.

Similar issue here.

I don't complain about the time that is needed to fix the bugs. My
concern is that you, as the one who reports a bug, don't get some
information when the bug is read and the priority is categorized.
Maybe I would just appreciate a "read the bug - not so important"


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