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Re: Missing features from Fedora 10?

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John Poelstra wrote:
| Reminder that feature freeze is currently scheduled for: 2008-08-19 (two
| weeks from today!)
| I have just completed a full review of all the feature pages which have
| not be included in a Fedora release.  A lot of work has gone into many
| of these pages and I'm wondering if they have been forgotten,
| overlooked, or maybe the feature process was unclear?  So here is a list
| of features meeting the following criteria:
| o Target release = Fedora 10
| o They have been discussed recently within Fedora
| o Lots of work has been done on the feature page
| o I thought they looked interesting
| These features have NOT been reviewed by Fesco for acceptance and thus
| will not be listed as new features in Fedora 10. If you definitely know
| they won't be in Fedora 10 please remove "Target release: Fedora 10"
| from the page (if present) to avoid any confusion.  If you need help
| with the feature process let me or Paul Frields know or contact your
| local elected FESCo representative :)
| https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/appliance-tools
| https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/AOS

One suggestion was to combined these two features into a single
"Appliance building" feature.  Since appliance-tools just an additional
package and the AOS is not really a "Fedora Spin," rather a raw disk
image built with the appliance-creator tool.

The new feature would consist of a tool, a kickstart, and a spin/image
to try it out. Kinda like a cooking show.... and here is the finished
product... (to seal  Bryan's analogy)

If it makes sense I will combine these two features into one and move it
to the FeatureReadyForWrangler category.

- -D

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