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Re: No xen rawhide boot images

On Wed, 2008-08-06 at 14:04 -0700, Roland McGrath wrote:
> > Unfortunately, the paravirt opts bits that are used for Xen domU support
> > are only functional with kernel-PAE on i686 (and not in the i586 kernel
> > at all).  So the finagling to switch images/xen for i686 will be coming
> > back soon, but with kernel-PAE bits instead of kernel-xen (*sigh*)
> Is this really a new special case?  Or can it just be part of the generic
> "what kernel is right for this hardware?" choice that picks PAE/smp now?
> (There is something like that, right?)  When the "hardware" is paravirtual,
> that's just a particular flavor of "hardware" for which there is a right kernel.

It's a changed special case more than a new special case for selection,
yes.  Although it'd be really nice to get rid of PAE vs non-PAE, much
like we got rid of smp vs non-smp.

But for _booting_, real hardware can boot and run the i586 kernel.  Xen
PV guests can *only* boot the PAE kernel.  That's what makes this a new
and different special case.


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