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Re: static uids/gids and (not) using fedora-usermgmt (was: uids for daemons on a spin)

2008/8/7 Jeffrey Ollie <jeff ocjtech us>:
> Unless you're using something like NFS which uses UIDs as part of it's
> protocol I don't see why you'd care about what UIDs a user is mapped to.
> Seems to me like consistency for consistency's sake... (I suppose there are
> some braindead programs that embed a particular UID at compile time, but
> since this is open source it's pretty easy to work around such lameness).

A team of ~10 sysadmins handling tens of thousands of servers in
adverse conditions - with the help of field technicians. Every bit of
added consistency, even if seemingly pointless, wins.

We might use NFS - unlikely, the _user_ accounts still have different
uids - but there will be other cases where we might need stable uids,
like shipping formatted disks around (with Real file systems, not

Except for user data, I want to have everything in place to ensure
that we *know* where every bit must be :-)


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