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Re: F10A Blue Knight Rider - KITT are we there yet?

On Mon, 11 Aug 2008 09:09:18 -0400
Adam Jackson <ajax redhat com> wrote:

> On Sat, 2008-08-09 at 22:20 -0600, Jerry Williams wrote:
> > The Fedora 10 Alpha reminds me of KITT from Knight Rider only Blue
> > instead of red. 
> > 
> > My problem with it is there is no indication at to how much longer
> > it might be.
> > 
> > Are we there yet?
> I have an updated progress bar for plymouth that should hit rawhide
> later today.  It's still wrong, in that it doesn't estimate how much
> longer it'll be, but it does go back to having a solid bar that fills
> up as time progresses.
> There's no sane way to actually estimate how long it'll take to boot,
> short of recording the previous boot time.  Which is what we'll do, of
> course.

personally I have to say that I dislike splash screens... mostly
because I want to be *done* by the time the splash screen is up ;-)

Oh well.. that's a topic more suitable for my plumbers conference
presentation than this mailing list =)
(where I'll show why I think I'm right on this one ;-)

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