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F10Alpha installer automatically searching "Everything" repo?

I know that, as of a couple of releases ago, Anaconda had the ability to incorporate external yum repository into the upgrade cycle, so that it ends upgrading both the core packages and packages from external repos. I never used this option. I prefer to quickly get the core update out of the way, reboot, then proceed to upgrade all the extra packages.

I just started the F10 Alpha installer to upgrade from F9. It started spinning away, and away… I flipped to the console window, and saw that it established an http connection to one of the Fedora mirrors. I don't recall enabling remote repo access in the F10 installer. Can someone confirm that I'm not missing something here, and that the F10 installer will indeed automatically enable remote repos.

If so, then I don't think this is wise. At least, offer an option to disable it.

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