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Re: Evolution junk failures

> I have a screen shot of what the failure is showing, as well as what the
> error is itself after clicking on it.
> http://www.miketc.net/junk.png
> The only thing it doesn't show is the tab in the bottom left that says
> "Check Junk failed".  But I clicked on it and that gave the error
> message in the middle of the screen about not piping to bogofilter or
> something.

Try to run evolution from console and look there whether there are more
warnings. There can be.

I looked on this page:
and in the section "Return values" is described, what that can return.
They have used the 3 for some error. The bad thing is that Evolution can
fallback to the code 3 itself, when something wrong happened when
waiting for process end (call to 'waitpid'). In that case there should
be some warnings on the console.


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