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Evolution unstable due to being unable to expunge folder


Evolution seems to be rather problematic for me currently. It is unable
to expunge folders (and sometimes store folders). When I try to expunge
a folder, it fails with an error that says "Detected a corrupt mbox file
or an invalid 'From' header".

I've deleted the index files and recreated them (which screws my email
up something rotten!) but still can't expunge. I've also deleted all of
the emails and then tried to expunge. I get "storing folder x%" (where x
can be anything) and then it fails.

This inability to store the folders is causing evolution to become very
unstable (crashes quite a few times every 10 minutes). I've tried
evolution --force-shutdown and then restarting and expunging, but get
the same problem.

Any ideas on fixing this? I'm using evolution 2.23.6-1.fc10.i386


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