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Re: disk partitioning for multiOS machine

On 2008/08/19 14:17 (GMT+1000) Ding-Yi Chen apparently typed:

> I don't really think you can install 4 or more OSs on a harddrive.

http://fm.no-ip.com/tmp/libata-gt15partitions.txt shows considerably more are
possible even using libata. It has 12 installed, plus, not counting the
extended itself, 7 partitions that have no installed operating systems.

> A harddisk can  have either 4 primary partitions or 3 primarys and 1
> extended. I suppose the most stable configuration you might get is one
> primary for each OS, 

Stable? What does that mean? Modern operating systems, once booted, make no
distinction between primaries and non-primaries - all are treated equally as
logical, as any partition at all is nothing more than an artificial (logical)
division of a physical device.
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