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Re: disk partitioning for multiOS machine

On Tue, Aug 19, 2008 at 12:49:53PM +0300, Ahmed Kamal wrote:
> >
> > I wouldn't recommend running Windows virtualized under KVM.  There's
> > lots of random breakage, and even if you do get it working, it'll be
> > really slow.
> Too bad eh, my understanding is that Xen dom0 was totally dropped off F10,
> and redhat is pushing KVM full steam. Why is KVM still much slower than Xen,
> and do you see that as improving soon ? I was planning on standardizing on
> KVM for all my virtulaization needs, but now I'm disappointed! Would you see
> VMware server (or vbox) as a better choice ?

NB, there are paravirtualized drivers for Windows on KVM available that
will make I/O fast. Any OS is slow without paravirt drivers, no matter
what virt technology you use. KVM is the future for Linux virtualization
and Fedora. As of F10 host we will automatically enable paravirt drivers
for KVM guests running F9 or later. This should give network IO performance
on a par with Xen, if not better

Xen Dom0 was temporarily dropped due to not having a viable kernel to ship.
Upstream Xen community is porting Xen dom0 to paravirt_ops, and when this 
is completed & merged into upstream kernels, Xen dom0 can be re-enabled in

In terms of stability of KVM, as with all apps Fedora aggressively tracks
the upstream releases. KVM is evolving very fast & has very frequent 
releases, so we can be unlucky and get an unstable release but I know
many people are successfully using KVM for all their virtualization needs.

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