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Re: Looking for new package owners

On Thu, Aug 21, 2008 at 2:55 PM, Quentin Spencer <qspencer ieee org> wrote:
> It's becoming clear to me that I lack the time to maintain all of my
> packages, as there are a few outstanding bug reports that I'm just not
> getting to. I think it's time to hand off some or all of my packages to new
> maintainers. The following is the list of my current packages.
> atlas
> autotrace
> cln

I'll take 'atlas' and 'cln' .


> fig2ps
> fftw
> ginac
> glpk
> lilypond
> lilypond-doc
> mftrace
> octave
> octave-forge
> suitesparse
> Some of these are really easy, but two of them could be somewhat
> challenging. Octave-forge is getting big and ugly, and it really needs to be
> split into about 40 subpackages (which could be done incrementally, rather
> than all at once). Atlas is more or less working but it is really outdated,
> and it would probably require almost starting from scratch to package the
> new 3.8.x releases.
> Quentin
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