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Re: upcoming varnish-2.0, or running a test suite that starts and connects to a daemon

Ingvar Hagelund skrev:
> * Mogens Kjaer
>> If I remove the comment on %{__make} check and build varnish,
>> it doesn't run any checks at all. It just complains about a missing
>> libvarnish.so.0:
>> ...
>> error while loading shared libraries: libvarnish.so.0: cannot open
>> shared object file: No such file or directory
>> FAIL: ./tests/a00000.vtc
>> ...
>> So is the build system using an already installed libvarnish.so.0
>> if one is available and not the newly built libvarnish.so.0?

* Jason L Tibbitts III
> Usually you play with LD_LIBRARY_PATH in your specfile to reference
> the just-built library.

Thanks, Jason. To make it run the test suite from within rpmbuild, try

%{__make} check

The specfile is updated.

This is not necessary when ran the tests from an interactive shell. It
also appears that when test run within rpmbuild, and with libs from
within the build, varnishd won't start, (or  at least won't answer any
ports) at all. That's different from when running test within rpmbuild,
but using libs from the system.


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