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Re: Looking for new package owners

Alex Lancaster wrote:
"JC" == Jon Ciesla  writes:


Some of these are really easy, but two of them could be somewhat
challenging. Octave-forge is getting big and ugly, and it really
needs to be split into about 40 subpackages (which could be done
incrementally, rather than all at once). Atlas is more or less
working but it is really outdated, and it would probably require
almost starting from scratch to package the new 3.8.x releases.


JC> Quentin, just as a reminder, you'll need to orhpan in pkgdb those
JC> packages that others wish to take over before they can do so.  As
JC> far as I can tell, pkgdb is working normally.

Actually I just tried to add myself as a co-maintainer for octave, but
clicking on the "Add myself to this package" button didn't actually do
anything.  pkgdb seems to works OK in other respects such as browsing,
but I'm not sure if modifications are working just yet.

Thanks, I suspect that when we rebuilt the box we didn't include a hotfix that fixed this bug. I'll work on getting the changes pushed to the servers.


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