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Re: AWOL process for Jeff Carlson

2008/8/14 Nils Philippsen <nils redhat com>:
> Well, we're not in the military here, but IMO the term AWOL is fitting
> insofar as you can grant your own leave rather easily by notifying the
> rest of us about it. Not doing so could be considered a "breach of
> duty", if you bear in mind that duty here is something different than
> duty in uniform.
> I don't really care about what term we use to designate non-responsive
> maintainers, but it should be "harsh" enough so that people are aware of
> the consequences of it.

This got moved to important discussion but basic question/aim for mail
remained unanswered.

My review for 2.2.61 update has been APPROVED and I am added as
co-maintainer for this package.

All steps mentioned here have been followed:

The concerned request is
https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=447125 So what next ?

I suppose this needs a look by anybody from FESco members.


Rakesh Pandit

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