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Re: CVS working again? (package added but can't commit)

Alan Dunn wrote:
Sorry to chime in with another "is it working yet?" question, but I
couldn't resist:

I put in a CVS request a day or two before the whole recent mess
occurred. The cvs request was just granted (last night), but now it
tells me that I'm not on the ACL for the package (ocaml-ocamlgraph).
The pkgdb system (through the web interface) claims that I actually
am. I changed my RSA key, user cert, and CA certs beforehand
(yesterday), so I don't think there's an issue with not waiting long
enough for something to process. I can also use Koji (at least for
scratch builds, which is how I tested this) just fine. Am I forgetting
something? Are others experiencing something similar?

Okay,  This is fixed.

As part of this rebuild we rebuilt the cvs server and put all the configs into puppet. Unfortunately, if you interpret that to mean that the old cvs server was not in puppet, you'd be correct. generating new acls is on a cron job and that cron job was forgotten in the move. I've fixed that so acls should once again be generated every hour and half hour.


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