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Re: Intrusion/server status

2008/8/25 Mike Chambers <mike miketc net>:
> OK, it's been over a week, and we've been told what happened and that
> the servers/machines are being reinstalled and such.  Soo, what is
> happening now?  Is everything back up yet?  If not, what is left to do?
> When are updates and things going to start getting pushed out for the
> official releases?  When does F10 testing/freezing/developing start
> again and rawhide updates start getting pushed out?
> Not trying to blame anyone for taking time to get things done, just
> trying to get at status for folks to hear bout and know how it's going
> up to this point.

Most of things (as good as I know) are up and running now. Fedora
announce list had
an announcement on 22nd. There have been some posts in here also
linking to  that


Cheers all those folks who put in efforts to restore everything. ;-)

Rakesh Pandit

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