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Re: Suggestions to get sponsored

On Monday, 01 December 2008 at 08:16, Brennan Ashton wrote:
> 2008/12/1 Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas mailhot laposte net>:
> > If none of them appeal to you you're using some sort of text-less vocal
> > AI I've only seen in films so far.
> I found that doing a vocal AI was too complicated so I went straight
> to mind reading,  but now I have to put on a aluminium hat around the
> house and it wont let me turn it off.
> Back on topic, I would like to see some more of the eclipse web
> development plugins packaged if you are interested.
> Or if you are into micro controllers, http://www.gnu-m68hc11.org/blog/
>  I have spec files for some of those if you want, but you might have
> to work with the fedora gcc fokes maybe they can be worked in as a
> built in cross compiler i dont know.

There are probably tons of perl modules which are present in RPMForge
repositories but not in Fedora. One might want to look at those.


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