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Re: Feature proposal: New, Standard Documentation System

Alphonse Van Assche wrote:
Michael Cronenworth a écrit :
5. Global access
You should be able to access any and all documentation for all software through a single window, be it X or console, without having to open the corresponding program.

6. a common way to find documentation about a given package. Here is what I do when I need to read docs on a given package.

1. rpm -ql pgkname
if there is a man page and/or README and/or .html and/or ... - done!
2. yum list pkgname\*
if there is sub-package named pkgname-doc - done!
3. rpm -qi pgkname
if the URL tag point to upstream web site - open firefox find the documentation page - done! 4. fedora-cvs pkgname - hoping that I know the language used and that the code is nicely documented ;-) - done!
5. ??

I thing that we can do something to optimize the search of documentation of a given package. To be honest I don't have any idea on the best way to do that - but I'm sure that we can do something better.

Yes, that approach is horrible and your example starts from the point of already knowing the package name. We need a reasonable way for someone to find a new package (or any package they don't know about) that would perform some operation useful to them even if they don't have it installed yet. Google, of course, knows everything, but even with a carefully crafted search will usually return a lot of irrelevant results related to other OS's or different version numbers.

  Les Mikesell
    lesmikesell gmail com

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