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Re: rawhide report: 20081201 changes

I wrote:
>>   /usr/lib/libkwalletbackend.so from install of
>>   kdebase-runtime-4.1.80-4.fc11.i386 conflicts with file from package
>>   kdelibs3-devel-3.5.10-1.fc10.i386 file
> This one needs to use the /usr/lib/kde4/devel hack (assuming it's getting
> linked from outside of the package at all, otherwise rm -f might also be a
> solution).

Actually, as this is in kdebase-runtime, nothing should be building against
it (and nothing currently does according to repoquery), and as there's no
kdebase-runtime-devel (for that very reason: kdebase-runtime is for runtime
files, stuff needed for development should be in kdelibs-devel), I just
removed the file (new kdebase-runtime building now). If something turns out
needing it, we can always resurrect it (and either remove the KDE 3 one or
use /usr/lib/kde4/devel), but it would mean introducing a

>>   /usr/lib/libakonadi-kabc.so.4 from install of
>>   kdepimlibs-4.1.80-2.fc11.i386 conflicts with file from package
>>   kdepim-libs-6:4.1.2-5.fc10.i386
> This is a conflict between an old kdepim and a new kdepimlibs. It will be
> fixed when we get kdepim-4.1.80 built.

This is building now and appears to be successful (i386 and x86_64 already
completed successfully).

        Kevin Kofler

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