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Re: My (unpleasant) fedora 10 installation experience

On Mon December 1 2008, Lev Shamardin wrote:

> If you are lacking testers for a significant change, may be you could just
> announce that "hey, this feature could possibly break the things, since it
> changes the habitual defaults, please test it or be warned". This could
> bring more testers, especially those interested in features to be broken.

Any test release of Fedora is announced with this message, e.g. Jesse Keating 
wrote in the F10 Beta announcement:

| There is also a Beta contest! Test five things in the Beta that are
| important to you as a user. If you find a bug *and* report it, you get
| the free attention of a package maintainer on a problem personally
| important to you!

Thanks to the live media, it is also pretty easy to test new releases without 
the need to actually install the release and if you want to install it, it is 
very fast if you use a live medium as source. Therefore please test what is 
important for you once the F11 Alpha is released and then there is a high 
probability that your issues will be fixed. At least I made this 
experience. :-D


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