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Re: looking for inotifywait and similar help

"Dan Nicholson" <dbn lists gmail com> writes:

>> However the issue I have is that I don't know how to have inotifywait
>> do something when /etc/crontab or /etc/fcrontab is created since if I
>> give a non-existing file as argument it will error out.
> I think if you want to catch file creation, you have to watch /etc,
> wait for create events and filter for the crontab files. So, I think
> it would have to be something like:
> out=`inotifywait -e create /etc`; do
> if [ $? = 0 ]; then
> ...

Beside the syntax error, there is a race when file was created shortly
before inotifywait. You have to check whether the file exists *after*
inotify_add_watch(2) like in


I filed a request a year ago to include similar functionality into
inotifytools but this does not seem to implemented yet



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