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Can anyone contact missing John Beringer? (was: gallery2 outstanding security bugs...)

Jon Ciesla <limb <at> jcomserv.net> writes:
>> From: Cry <cry_regarder <at> yahoo.com>
>>> The non-responsive maintainer process was initiated at
>>> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=474870
> Indeed, it'd be good to link to all his packages.  Someone(s) will need to
> take the others.

The other packages were added to the text of the above bug.  I don't know how to
make a single bug cover additional packages though.

Packages:  gallery2, wordpress, bugzilla, squidguard, ratpoison

Since there are so many bugs with CVEs assigned to this person, can we shortcut
the process a little and move to stage three "After 2 attempts (2 weeks)..."
mode at:


?  Does anyone out there know how to reach John?  I've tried emailing him at his
redhat and ncphotography addresses and searching on the web.


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