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Fedora Release Engineering Meeting Recap 2008-12-08

Recap and full IRC transcript found here:

Please make corrections and clarifications to the wiki page.

== Meeting Summary ==
* Fedora 11 schedule approved last week by FESCo
* Need to create trac tickets for each Fedora 11 milestone
* Resigning Fedora 8 and Fedora 9 packages as a result of intrusion
** Focusing on Fedora 9
** f13 will bring question to the board about skipping Fedora 8 since it goes EOL in less than a month
* Growing the release engineering team
** Consider different meeting times to accommodate other timezones
** Use FUDCon to explain overall processes
** Help new people get started with basic tickets
* dgilmore to meet with f13 and lmacken to talk about how updates for secondary arch will go out

== IRC Transcript ==

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