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Re: FAmSCo elections only open to ambassadors?

Debarshi Ray wrote:
Also, the Ambassadors are an easy to join group, I believe a number of
developers are registered as Ambassadors.

This is a very bad argument. Just because it might be 'easy' to join a
group does not mean that one can join it and forget about the
responsibilities that come with it. So it is wrong to tell someone
that since it is 'easy' to become an Ambassador he should become one
merely for the sake of being able to vote.

Read it as "the barrier to join the Ambassadors is very low": http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/3SimpleQuestion

The actual requirement are a little higher (this is why I have not joined it), but not excessive for anyone that wants the right to vote:

It is way beyond my knowledge and abilities to comment on how easy it
is and whether non-Ambassadors should be able to vote or not, but I
feel that this is not a correct argument.

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