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Re: Making updates-testing more useful

> I have an F10 installation, and have updates-testing enabled, but I
> almost never give any feedback in bodhi, because it is fairly hard to
> keep track of what updates are installed, which of them are in
> etc. 

I think it makes a lot of sense, and something we _need_ to do to
increase the number of people sending karma.

> I think we could make updates-testing much more useful if we had a
> bit of PackageKit integration. Basically, PackageKit should know that
> these are testing updates, and should ask me 'There are ... package
> updates available that need testing. Do you want to test these now ?' 
> For extra points, we could even show a 'report back' link somewhere
> allows to send comments to bodhi. 

And let people opt in or opt out. I think we can do this in a cross
distro way with a little bit of cleverness.

> Of course, this has to be implemented in a suitably
> way to be integrated in PackageKit, but I think test updates are a
> sufficiently general concept that PackageKit should support.

Yes. This has to be general. Last time I asked, a yum repo didn't
support a "class", i.e. a testing repo, and we have to use some
heuristics in the yum backend to detect debuginfo repos. We could do the
same thing here.


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